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{Episode #2 ~ A Jealous Actor, A Lawyer and Disturbing Pictures❓}

Open Mic For StoryTellers Episode #2
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Story One
A Jealous, Bad Actor or Monster? The Dark Case Of Daniel Wozniak
Story Two
Beverly Hills Lawyer Tom Girardi – Is Erika Jayne Also Guilty?
Story Three
3 Disturbing Children’s Drawings with Backstories


Today’s stories are from three well known storytellers Baily, Kendall and Mr Nightmare

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hey eric here and welcome to

storytellers over mike and today’s top

three true mystery stories story number

one is called

escape room

if you woke up in a strange room

and you were locked in

what would you do

story number two it’s called big pharma

and is it possible that big pharma has

cures for several diseases

but it’s more profitable to

treat them than to cure them

is that possible find the story for more

information and story number three is


no dna match


like how do you find

a killer

when you actually have the dna sample

from a crime scene but there’s no match

in the system how do you find them watch

this story to find out

to watch this story and and


click the link down in the description

go to there you

can find all three stories and more

and as always

don’t forget to vote for and share your

favorite story 

thanks for watching