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StoryTellers Open Mic 🎤 Episode #93

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Story One

Bat Girl


Beyond Crime

Story Two

Demon Encounters



Story Three

Luby’s Loser


This is Monsters

It’s like an Open Mic 🎤 For StoryTellers Watch Today’s Top 3 Stories then ❤️ Vote and Share them at: http://www.TrueMysteryStories.com/tru… Go to our website to Watch 3 great true mystery stories and then Vote for your Favorite Story and Storyteller. ~ Vote and Share Now! ~ I hope you will enjoy todays top 3 stories. Todays Top 3 true mystery stories online are about ~ BatGirl, Demon Encounters, Luby’s Loser ~ Top 3 True Mystery Stories. If You Like These Stories Please Vote and share them at TrueMysteryStories.com MrE.Fan brings you 3 great stories, and you vote for your favorite true crime story. To Vote Go To: http://www.TrueMysteryStories.com/tru… These stories are for entertainment purposes only. Whether you believe these stories to be true or not is left to your own discretion and imagination. #StoryTellersOpenMic #TrueMysteryStories #TrueCrime #MrEfan


Today’s stories are from three well known storytellers.

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