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“StoryTellers Open Mic” gives storytellers the chance to showcase their talents.

We browse the Internet for great stories and every weekday we present you with the Top 3 Stories of the Day. 

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If You Love True Mystery Stories Then you have come to the right place.

We are here to share some of our favorite stories with you and to help storytellers be heard. Its hard to get your stories seen or heard online. There are several sites that showcase storytellers. But here we let our listeners VOTE on our stories to give the best storytellers the chance to be seen and heard and to get a bit of feedback from their stories.

Every weekday we present 3 great StoryTellers that will entertain you with their true mystery stories. We have to make the disclaimer that we are not 100% positive that all the stories are 100% true.

We try to find true stories, however in the spirit of great storytelling we do present stories that we do not have the actual evidence to say that a story is in fact a “true” mystery story. We like to say that they are true “Mystery” Stories.

So we feel the need to say that all our stories are for entertainment purposes and that the details in any particular story may not be 100% factual.


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True Mystery Stories is here for a bit of entertainment, so please enjoy our stories.




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