About Us

Hi I’m EricMc.Com A.K.A. 🕵🏻‍♂️ MrE

This is a fan site ☎️
I am a huge fan of true mystery stories.
I have searched the web for some of the best storytellers and made it easy for you to discover lots of cool stories by some really good story tellers.

Just like musicians or comedians host Open Mic nights at Clubs.
I thought I would host a Story tellers Open Mic online.

If You would like to showcase your material and skills, Upload your video to Youtube and send me the link.
I’ll create a profile page for you and your stories.
After I check out your videos I will put them in Que to be listed on our Daily Top 3 Stories.
Your videos are hosted on YouTube and We just provide the link. You will still get credited for your views on your own channel and if you are monetized you will get 100{7cfee1b03b2c12c676a81ab42c7c01ab47c6f706007fd6e069df262b36488b60} credit for your views.
Im just here to get you more visibility.
And don’t forget to have your fans visit your profile page to vote for you or your stories.

Here is a list of the best

🕵🏻‍♂️ MrE